Vendor Services


Vendor Services is located on the Lower and Main Levels of the Illini Union


Vendor Services

Illini Union Vendor Services oversees all the implementation, operation, and installation of vending machines across the University of Illinois campus.

This page is to augment the Vending Machine Operation Policy as outlined in the Campus Administrative Manual

Introducing new vending machine operations is a systematic endeavor that impacts the entire campus.  Our goal is to assist units in planning for and placing new retail vending machine operations based on campus needs, market demand, and fit with the campus master plans. The Illini Union Vendor Services serves as a central point of contact to ensure that new vending machine operations (1) are in alignment with the university’s mission, (2) are part of a seamless overall plan for campus vending service, (3) promote efficient and appropriate use of campus space and facilities, (4) will be financially viable and self-sustaining, (5) follow appropriate policies and procedures for procuring vending machines, and (6) comply with campus vending contracts, and building, life/safety, and food safety codes. 

Written Request to the Illini Union Campus Vending Office

Emailed requests to the Illini Union Vendor Services should contain or address the following information:

  1. A full description of the essential functions of the desired vending machine operation. The request must demonstrate that the new venue meets an identified and defined campus need for vending machine operations relative to demand, diversity (food and beverage offerings, price point, vending machine/kiosk type), and to support social and interdisciplinary gathering principles.
  2. Evidence that the location of the requested vending machine operation will complement, rather than compete with, existing food in the neighborhood (on and off campus). Additionally, include a conceptual plan and layout which conveys the suitability of the request (e.g. location within a facility, public/customer access, functions adjacent to the requested locations, etc.).
  3. Evidence that the location has an adequate population to support a vending machine operation (faculty and staff population, average student population, populations of nearby identified buildings, traffic patterns). 
  4. Confirmation that the location of the requested vending machine operation can physically support a vending machine operation (e.g. electrical, cellular signal strength, plumbing [in the case of a coffee vending machine])and is conducive to vending machine operation and ADA requirements.
  5. Any additional information not included above that supports the request for a vending machine operation.

Illini Union Vendor Services Evaluation of Requests

Consistent with CAM policy, the Illini Union Vendor Services will evaluate all requests and may engage with the requesting unit as appropriate for clarifications, additional information, or suggested modifications.

The Illini Union Vendor Services will initiate a site review to determine if the requested vending machine operation and placement is in the best interest of the university. Upon completion of the site review, the Illini Union Vendor Services will review the results with the requesting unit and will either:

  1. Approve the request
  2. Request modifications to the request
  3. Select a 6-month trial basis
  4. Deny the request based on the overall feasibility of the vending machine operation

Requesting units may appeal the decision of the Illini Union Vendor Services to the Director of the Illini Union.

Semi-Annual Review

The Illini Union Vendor Services conducts a semi-annual review on all vending machine placements and may remove machines that are not meeting campus goals and benchmarks. Units may appeal the decision of the Illini Union Vendor Services to the Director of the Illini Union.

Repairs and Refunds

All repair and refund requests should be directed to the Illini Union Vendor Services.